AirPods vs Jabra Elite Active 65t

A few months ago, I couldn’t resist the urge to start AirPods, and it feels really good to use them for a long time.
The AirPods have been in use for a long time and I feel very good about it:

  • No noise cancellation function.
  • :: Considerable difficulty in cleaning up dirt after a period of use

No opinion last week heard about the Jabra Elite 65t, wireless headphones in the premise of at the same time has a relatively good noise cancellation function.
Looked under the Jingdong this headset there is an upgrade to the models Jabra Elite Active 65t, see comments on the feel and sound quality have a certain upgrade, and without Active compared to just 200 pieces of expensive, so started this one.

After two weeks of heavy use down really feel the noise cancellation function in the category of wireless headphones is considered very good, because it is in-ear so clean up the earbuds is also very simple.
As for the sound quality and AirPods comparison is not quite out, of course, it is possible that my ears are not good enough to hear the difference or the source is not good enough (Spotify or Netease cloud).
Another long time to wear then there will be obvious foreign body sensation, it is not as good as the Airpods this kind of headphones you can hardly feel are wearing the experience.

—“It’s not as bad as the Airpods, which make you hardly feel like you’re wearing headphones. Made a comparison:

  • with iOS seamlessly, such as taking off the headphones will stop playing and Jabra then you must put the headphones into the headphone box to automatically stop.
  • Charging box than Jabra’s quite a bit smaller
  • :: No discomfort from prolonged wear, not even the feeling that you are wearing a headset
  • :: No noise reduction
  • :: Dirt is difficult to clean up
  • :: Average sound quality

Jabra Elite Active 65t
  • :: Very good noise cancellation for a Bluetooth headset
  • :: Sound quality seems better than AirPods
  • :: In-ear with more pronounced stethoscopic effect
  • :: Significant discomfort with prolonged wear
  • :: Inadequate design of the headset buttons
  • :: Occasional disconnections, especially in the left headset
  • Charging case is snap-on rather than magnetic for AirPods
  • The display of the power level is obviously not accurate, even the iOS drop-down box and the power level in the app are always different


After using the Jabra Elite Active 65t for a while it’s no longer acceptable to use AirPods in a noisy environment again.