Jekyll article list summary settings

The current theme does not index article abstracts, which makes the preview of some articles in the list very large.
I looked at Jekyll and saw that it has article summary support.

Adding summary display to index pages

In most cases, the content to be modified is in index.html.
Set the digest to post.excerpt | strip_html.

Add summary

There are 2 ways for Jekyll to add a summary,

The first one.

By means of the delimiter.
You need to configure the delimiter in _config.yml first. ``yml excerpt_separator: ‘<! – more –>’

The above can then be marked as an abstract in the text by inserting `<! -- more -->` in the text to mark the above as an article summary.

###### The second
Add post attribute `excerpt` directly

layout: post
cover: 'assets/images/cover4.jpg'
navigation: True
title: I Have a Dream
date: 1963-08-28 10:18:00
tags: speeches
subclass: 'post tag-speeches'
logo: 'assets/images/ghost.png'
author: martin
categories: martin
excerpt: I am happy to join with you today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation.

The second approach is more straightforward than the first, and also allows you to set up a separate abstract instead of taking the beginning of the article as an abstract.