Github acquired by Microsoft

Congratulations to GitHub on their acquisition by Microsoft! said-to-have-agreed-to-acquire-coding-site-github) This is validation of the growing influence of software developers in the world The software community owes a lot to GitHub, and that includes the GitLab community. Microsoft’s acquisition of Github was first developed on GitHub and found its first contributors through it.

Yesterday we heard about Microsoft’s acquisition of Github, and this morning Gitlab has posted an article congratulating Github on its acquisition, along with a news release from Bloomberg.

Possible implications of the acquisition

It has become almost politically correct to hack Microsoft in the tech community.
Some people cite a lot of companies that have been acquired by Microsoft and left the mainstream brands, like Nokia, like wonderlist.
They even think the problem is that it will take years for Microsoft to kill Github. These people forget that Microsoft also bought SQL server, Skype and Powerpoint.
Another important point is that Github is now the No.1 in its field that no other competitor can come close to.

In fact, Github should continue to operate independently even after the acquisition,

Control of the code hosting platform is not Microsoft’s goal, business opportunities mainly from GitHub’s paid services, Markplace, if GitHub is such a big open source platform has changed its flavor, is the same as buying cut, it would be silly.

The real impact will probably be that Github’s storage will be migrated from AWS to Azure, which is actually good for people who don’t have a walled environment.

The impact is already being felt.

Many people have now started migrating from Github to Gitlab, Gitlab’s monitoring charts
However, I suspect that the people who migrated to Gitlab will most likely move back after a certain period of time, because the core of Github is not git but hub.
And Gitlab has been deleting databases, which is really dangerous.

I’ll do it.

Nothing. Just hope the $7 subscription fee doesn’t go up.